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2019 Spring Registration

Registration for Spring 2019 is now open . Please click the registration link under the home menu to start your registration.

We have the following leagues available this year: 

Weeball:  4 yr olds  $100.00

Teeball: 5-6 yr olds $140.00

Rookie: 7-8 yr olds $140.00

Minor: 9-12 yr olds $165.00

Major: 9-12 yr olds $165.00 (Registration deadline is 2/10/19)

To participate in Major, new players and all 9's have to participate in a mandatory try out and be drafted onto a team.  Tryouts are on 2/17/19

Tryouts to play in Minor and Rookie are highly recommended, but all kids will make a team and have the opportunity to play. Tryouts are on 2/24/19

Weeball and Teeball do not have try outs.

For any further information, feel free to reach out to:

Ron van Haaren 513-257-5988

Jon Baysore 859-312-5385